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About us & Justice For Will

William French and his remarkable life changed me forever.  A sea change, as it’s called, the sort that “changes everything it touches, and everything it touches, changes…”

We want justice for Will because he lived a life of astonishing courage and dignity, and had a fierce and relentless awareness of the injustices inflicted on him.  We want justice for Will because there are many, many other people suffering as he suffered.  We want justice because justice is, itself, worth pursuing.  Finally, we want justice for Will because we made promises to him, and  intend to do all we can to keep those promises.

I do not know where Will got the courage and strength to fight the battles he fought.  His single minded determination to live a life of dignity and self determination brought him into endless conflicts with those who would profit from his dependence and exploitation.  He never gave up the fight, even when his body was breaking down from the illness that would end his life prematurely.  Not a day passes that I don’t pay stark tribute to his unending courage.  It would have been very easy for Will to slip into a life of dependence and passivity.  His fight cost him greatly.  But he had a strong, clear vision of what life was supposed to be and he pursued it relentlessly.

“But is better to die fighting for freedom than to be a prisoner all the days of your life.”


Comments on: "About us & Justice For Will" (1)

  1. Charles Wise Sr. said:

    Changed you forever and made a much better and I know you would do it again this was more than interesting thanks for sharing.

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